Unite for Horizon Europe Project 

aims to enhance the strategic engagement capacity between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for Horizon Europe initiatives.

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Many SMEs struggle to adopt the right strategy, business processes, skills or other resources to get involved in European funding partnerships. Even though the participation of HEIs has been the strongest among others, their involvement for the new framework can be further enhanced. To create a higher succesrate and avoid missed opportunities for more strategic cooperation between HEIs and SMEs, the availability of supportive engagement training programmes is crucial.

Throughout the life of this project, several outputs will be produced. The main output will be the development of two training programmes (one for each HEIs and SMEs), based on the identified needs and challenges experienced by both parties. We believe that the results of this project will have an impact on both the individual and institutional level.                      

Throughout the project lifetime, we develop the following outputs: 

Horizon Europe Engagement Programme Framework

Identifying the engagement needs and challenges experienced and collaborative opportunities envisioned by the HEI academics and researchers and SME representatives across Europe

Horizon Europe Engagement Training Programme and Toolkit

Developing the Horizon Europe Training Programme to increase awareness, skills, and knowledge capacity among HEI academics and researchers and SME representatives

Horizon Europe Engagement Training Validation Report

Pilot-Testing Horizon Europe Engagement workshops among HEI academics and researchers and SME representatives

UNITE4H Consortium

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