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University-business engagement and the status of engagement capacity in the international context

The research around university-business engagement (UBE) has mostly been focused on separate topics, rather than presenting a holistic overview that captures all elements of UBE. This blog post will touch on the factors that inhibit or drive UBE, and context, with a focus on the engagement between universities and Small and Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs), in

Context of University-Business Engagement in Germany

Access to new technologies and the (university) partners’ know-how, securing a company’s competitiveness, time benefits, cost reduction, risk diversification, synergy effects, contact with potential employees….the list of potential benefits that can be drawn from UBC is inexhaustible. With a high level of university-business cooperation Germany ranks among the top in the list of European countries[1].

Partner Introductions – Part III

Meath County Council Meath County Council is the local administrative body. Meath has a population of over 195,044 people accommodated in a network of attractive towns, villages and the rural area. It possesses a diverse range of landscapes, including 10 kilometres of coastline, the drumlin hills of north Meath, rich pastures, tracts of peatland and raised

Partner Introductions – Part II

Introducing: UIIN and UC3M   UIIN UIIN is an international leader on university-industry engagement, entrepreneurial & engaged universities and knowledge transfer. We are dedicated to advancing the future of higher education institutions and supporting our global community of university-industry professionals. We conduct research, organise events and provide training and consultancy services to our community of 80+