Newsletter issue 3

UNITE4H Project Newsletter Issue 3 - July 2022

Welcome to the third newsletter of the Unite for Horizon Europe Project!

Learning Framework

The learning framework is based on our investigation to understand the needs and challenges experienced by HEI and SME representatives that we conducted in 2021. This investigation consisted of: – Desk research on HEI-SME collaboration in European-level and national-level contexts in Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland and Spain…

Expert Voices

During the research phase of our project, we have spoken to over 30 experts on the topic of applying for European funding as HEI-SME consortia and created a blog series of expert voices out of it. Below you will find the first three of these blogs.

Expert Voices: Gabriella Lovasz

Gabriella Lovasz is the Managing Director of Europa Media and has great experience in project management within the H2020, Erasmus+, FPs and other EU funded programmes. She has delivered training on EU proposal development and project management since 2004, and one of her specialties is SME development. In this blog post we share Gabriella’s perspective on the main motivators, challenges, supporting mechanisms and resources, and skills and capabilities needed when applying for European funding as an HEI-SME consortium.

Expert voices: Francisco Cortés Martínez

Francisco Cortés is CEO and Founder of Sensia Solutions, an SME promoted in 2008 by researchers from the Carlos III University of Madrid to commercialise the results of research projects developed in their laboratories. Sensia´s core business is the development of infrared cameras which target multiple sectors such as aerospace, military, environmental, security, protection and industrial, among others. The main uses of these cameras are i) gas detection and quantification, ii) flame and leak detection and surveillance, and iii) liquid and smoke carryover monitoring; all are a set of infrared solutions for a better world.

Nicolò Cavina - 2020
Chiara Farinelli

Expert Voices: Nicolò Cavina and Chiara Farinelli

Nicolò Cavina is Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Coordinator of PhD Programme in Automotive Engineering for Intelligent Mobility at the University of Bologna. He is author and co-author of over 100 scientific papers mostly published internationally.

Chiara Farinelli is Industrial Strategic Partnerships Officer at the ARTEC- Industrial Relations, Third Mission and Communication Division of the University of Bologna.

Insights from our partners


TDG – an innovation powerhouse for digitised healthcare solutions

“Hands-on science” is the credo in the Apotheken-Drohnen-Projekt (ADApp, short for “Pharmacy Drone Project”), which is currently being carried out in southern Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Because here, science is being put into practice: a research and development consortium consisting of representatives from the University of Halle, …


University-Business Collaboration in Cyprus

Cypriot experts from both HEIs and SMEs shared their thoughts about the current UBC. One of the Unite4H Intellectual Outputs is to interview local experts from both SMEs and HEIs to share their opinion and experiences with UBC. But first, let’s examine the background of UBC in Cyprus. There was indeed an effort in the previous years …

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