Partner Introduction Partner Introductions – Part I

Introducing: Novatex, Crazy Town, and Univations



Novatex Solutions Ltd was established in 1999 in Cyprus. It employs highly qualified technical and scientific staff and has collaborated in various projects with many stakeholders from the industry and academia. It also acts as a supplier of scientific instruments to private companies, government agencies, research institutes and academia. In tandem, this unique position allows Novatex to comprehend various issues that act as obstacle for bridging the gap between the academia and the industry. Apart from participating in joint research projects, Novatex also supports other initiatives such as student placements and co-organisation of robotics competitions. Specifically, coordinating European Robotics week in Cyprus and supporting entrepreneurship events and competitions.

Novatex has broad experience in running national funded projects and E.U funded projects, collaborating with both academia and the industry.  There are numerous companies, however (especially SMEs), that have never been involved in such projects and it is important for both academia and the industry to collaborate. This close collaboration will benefit all parties and at the same time help the economy which has been severely affected by Covid19.

Novatex will coordinate the general management and quality assurance for the UNITE4H project, with a regular communication between six other European partners and project deliverables with outcomes. At the same time, Novatex will engage in interviews, case studies and desktop research regarding higher educational institutes and small-medium enterprises engagement in Cyprus.


Crazy Town

Crazy Town is a community of 250 companies and teams that cooperate, learn and grow their business together. Our members include some of Finland’s leading growth-stage startups, scaleups, corporate teams and experts from different fields. Crazy Town builds, operates and facilitates physical and virtual entrepreneurial communities. We provide our members community-driven business development and acceleration services, peer-to-peer learning, co-creation activities, over 150 events annually and connections with universities. Crazy Town organizes and runs entrepreneurship trainings, hackathons, university-business-cooperation, regional development as well as education development projects.

We believe that by participating in UNITE4H Crazy Town member companies and partners can leverage funding and access resources, networks and talent that would otherwise be unavailable for them.

Crazy Town’s main task in the project is to oversee the pilot implementation of the Horizon Europe Engagement Training Programme, to manage collection of feedback from participants and to finalise the Engagement Toolkit.



Established in 2006 as affiliated institute for knowledge and technology transfer at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Univations GmbH takes charge for start-up consulting, entrepreneurship education, innovation management as well as for knowledge transfer related activities in southern Saxony-Anhalt and beyond. As such the institute also fulfils an important intermediary function between the higher education and the enterprise sector in the regional innovation ecosystem. Doing so, Univations pursues a holistic approach to innovation and start-up support – from entrepreneurship awareness raising and competence development activities at school- and HEI-level, to management consulting for start-ups and experienced SMEs. It supports young entrepreneurs and HEI spinoffs in all phases of the start-up life cycle as well as innovative enterprises in their efforts to develop new technologies and services. The essential motivation for this systematic support lies in the creation of premium jobs and a top skilled workforce in a structurally catching up region. Univations tasks within the UNITE4H are concentrated on supporting the development and implementation of all main activities of the project (from IO1-IO3) in the area of Southern Saxony-Anhalt. The institute is also co-leading activities related to quality assurance in joint function with Novatex Solutions and respective sub-task leaders.


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