Partner Introduction Partner Introductions – Part II

Introducing: UIIN and UC3M



UIIN is an international leader on university-industry engagement, entrepreneurial & engaged universities and knowledge transfer. We are dedicated to advancing the future of higher education institutions and supporting our global community of university-industry professionals. We conduct research, organise events and provide training and consultancy services to our community of 80+ organisational and 500+ individual members. As a leading network in the area of university-industry interaction, UIIN has a unique ability to understand and bring together science and business.

We are excited to be a part of the Unite for Horizon Europe Project. We aim to scale the work of this project onto a European level and allow for the embedment of a more HEI-SME engagement training programme and the integration of a cooperation mindset across European institutions and their faculties. We will lead the development and delivery of IO2 Horizon Europe Engagement Training Programme. We are an experienced partner in developing training programmes, and we will use our expertise to develop the Horizon Europe Training Programme to increase awareness, skills, and knowledge capacity among HEI academics and researchers and SME representatives.



Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, UC3M, founded in 1989, is a public, generalist and medium size university (22.000 students in 4 campuses), international oriented, committed to innovation and excellence in all its missions: teaching, research and entrepreneurial university.

Regarding research and knowledge transfer, UC3M scores 2nd in the U-Ranking for Spanish universities (2020), leads 15% of the Spanish universities´ projects in Horizon 2020, and holds more than 230 industrial partnerships, all of them either with large corporations or very high tech companies.

Regardless of the mentioned, taking into account that almost 99% of business are SMEs, it is very relevant for the future of Europe to increase successful collaborative participation for all academics and SMEs. UC3M shares its experience on knowledge transfer and networks supporting Unite4H from the understanding that this project contributes to by creating new valuable knowledge on University Business Cooperation.



Header image created by UIIN. Logo’s by UIIN and UC3M.

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