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Meath County Council

Meath County Council is the local administrative body. Meath has a population of over 195,044 people accommodated in a network of attractive towns, villages and the rural area. It possesses a diverse range of landscapes, including 10 kilometres of coastline, the drumlin hills of north Meath, rich pastures, tracts of peatland and raised bog in the southwest and the central upland area that includes Tara – the ancient capital of Ireland. This landscape reflects the changing influences of its population over time; from the megalithic sites at Newgrange and Oldcastle, to the Norman castle ruins at Trim, the landed estates at Slane, Dowth and Oldbridge, to modern day dynamic settlements such as Navan, Drogheda, Dunboyne and Ashbourne.  The county benefits from a wealth of natural and man-made resources. It is supported by a well developed road and rail infrastructure system which provides access to international transport networks at Dublin Airport and Dublin Port and the remainder of the country. The fertile soils provide the basis for a thriving agricultural and food sector, and the natural and built heritage enhances the quality of life for the people of the county and has long enticed visitors to Meath.

County Meath does not have a university within it’s confines, and consequently must look outside the county boundaries for third level support. This project will bring together the business community in County Meath together with the academic resources that reside on it’s borders.

Meath County Council will be heavily involved in all the intellectual outputs, specifically by bringing the views and knowledge of the small business community to the implementation of the project.



Institut Mines Telecom Business School (IMTBS) has a strong connection to a local networks of SMEs in both research and education playing a central role in developing both ground-breaking and applied research to support SME innovation and providing education for future employees such as engineers, managers and IT specialists. Developed within the tradition of French Grandes Ecoles, IMTBS is an educational establishment internationally renowned in its field with very close links to business and government. Furthermore, IMTBS supports an on-campus small-business incubator from which, over the past ten years, 100 companies have emerged to employ over 1,000 people. Taking a leading role in the Unite4Horizon Project will especially enhance the research foundation of IMTBS and further enhance the network between IMTBS and other SME and governmental partners.

IMTBS will lead the completion of intellectual output 1 within Unite4Horizon Project. More specifically, IMTBS will design and share the research methodology, undertake expert interviews, collect good practices, and prepare the final status-quo report for reference in later stages of the project. IMTBS is further responsible for disseminating the intellectual outputs. Taking the findings as reference, IMTBS, together with Meath County Council teams, will create the Horizon Europe Engagement Training Framework to be designed as a basis for the IO2 training programme.


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