Kick-starting your Horizon Europe Partnerships and projects: seminar series

October 14 (9:00-13:45)

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The Horizon Europe programme offers many opportunities for both HEIs and SMEs. However, many SMEs struggle to adopt the right strategy, business processes, skills or other resources to get involved in European funding partnerships. And even though the participation of HEIs has been the strongest among others within European funding, their involvement for the new framework can be further enhanced. To create a higher success rate and avoid missed opportunities for more strategic cooperation between HEIs and SMEs, the UNITE4HORIZON consortium has developed a supportive engagement training programme.

This 1-day online programme will deliver a part of the engagement training programme, with a focus on the proposal development phase and on accelerating the impact of the project. Based on our research on HEI-SME collaboration and our expertise, we will share with you our knowledge and tips & tricks on developing a proposal and to optimise the impact of your project. Not only the impact that the project results may have, but also the impact on the partnerships. The collaboration within projects, especially Horizon Europe projects, should not be seen as single-time collaboration as there is a huge benefit and potential in turning those relationships into a strategic partnerships.

What will you learn?

This training programme will provide a platform for you to:

  • Gain insights from the research on University-SME Collaboration for public funding in Europe
  • Learn about competencies necessary to excel in acquiring public funding as a consortium and individual organisations and how to maximise the impact of your project results and collaborations
  • Hear from experienced peers who share their journey, learning and tips for acquisition and work within the Horizon Europe and public funding schemes
  • Network with other professionals that are interested in applying for Horizon Europe funding in HEI-SME consortia

Who should participate?

  • Early-stage career researcher, who wants to learn more about cooperation with industry for Horizon Europe and competencies you need to organise it
  • University professional who is driven to support their researchers in building strong collaboration though public-funding acquisition
  • SME representative, who wants to drive business development and joint R&D in their company, but need more support to tap into collaborative Horizon Europe programmes


9:00 - 9:10Welcome & Introduction
9:10 - 10:00How to align needs and opportunitiesAlexandra Zinovyeva, UIIN
10:10 - 11:00How to turn transactional relationships into strategic partnershipsSarah Jaber, UIIN
11:10 - 11:40Networking
11:40 - 12:30How to write a winning proposalAlexandra Zinovyeva, UIIN
12:40 - 13:30How to maximise the impact of your project resultsBalzhan Orazbayeva, UIIN
13:30 - 13:45Closing

Module overview

Learning outcomes:

  • How to recognise the needs and challenges of stakeholders in the regional ecosystem
  • How to recognise the strengths and advantages of the region and undertake asset mapping
  • To be aware of emerging technologies and trends in Europe and to be aware of channels to scout these new technologies and opportunities
  • To understand how to evaluate the relevance and potential of emerging and innovative technologies at an early stage

Learning outcomes:

  • Being aware of the characteristics of strategic partnerships
  • Being aware of the key drivers and facilitators for undertaking strategic partnerships
  • Understanding how to move from transactional relationships towards strategic partnerships
  • Understanding the importance of aligning strategy and goals

Learning outcomes:

  • Proposal writing objectives and approach
  • Structuring the project framework
  • Designing projects for impact
  • Planning the proposal writing process
  • Writing a compelling proposal narrative

Learning outcomes:

  • Why it is important to communicate the impact of your project for different stakeholders: society, business and academia
  • How to valorise the results from Horizon Europe projects
  • How to capture and communicate the value of the R&D results

About the UNITE4HORIZON Europe Project

This international Erasmus+ project UNITE4HORIZON sets its goal to develop and deliver support training for universities and SMES to engage with each other for Horizon Europe funding acquisition and implementation. Learn more about the project: